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4 Best Exercises For Strong And Sexy Legs

Mon, Feb 22, 2021

A good leg workout is highly essential for building strong and sexy legs! You can build up your leg muscles delightfully with suitable workout routines for lean muscles and better definition. Here are the exercises worth considering:

  1. Weighted Seated Calf Raise - You can build your leg muscles perfectly with the Weighted Seated Calf Raise. You can target the soleus muscle nicely with calf raises performed in a seated position. If you are visiting a gymnasium, then you will find the machine you need. However, if you do not go to a gym, then you can simply use a kettle-bell or even a regular dumbbell. Sit on a proper chair enabling you to have your thighs placed parallel to the floor. Put your weight upon your knees. You can make use of a folded towel between your knee and the weight if you wish. Holding onto the weight with you, perform 10-12 seated calf raises. Switch legs and keep repeating three times in all.
  2. Squats - The gold standards for lean muscles of the legs, squats are highly recommended. They are hugely effective for toning the leg muscles including your glutes, calves and even your abs as a bonus! They target the hamstrings and quadriceps alike. Stand with your feet wider as compared to hip width apart and the back absolutely straight. Keep your back straight, bend the knees and lower the bottom towards the floor. Sink deep into the squat and do not tip forward or even backwards. Hold for some time and then raise yourself to the starting posture. Lift with the legs and do not swing the hips forward for coming back to the starting position.
  3. Lunge - Lunges are highly effective yet simple movements in working the leg muscles.  They also target the hamstrings and quadriceps while working your core at the same time. Stand with your core held tight and back straight while your shoulders should remain back. The feet should be roughly hip width apart from each other. Step forward with the left leg, keeping the spine absolutely perpendicular to the floor. Bend the right leg and lower the overall torso more towards the floor. Go as low as is okay with you. Hold for a few seconds, then raise yourself and repeat with the right leg.
  4. Step Up - Step Ups are great ways to get a great leg workout without any paraphernalia. This will help you infuse more cardiovascular exercises into your workout regime. This will also get your circulation levels upwards while helping you burn additional calories at the same time. You can mix up your workout by lowering or enhancing the overall cardio impact. Slow this down and add dumbbells or hand weights for emphasizing upon the strength-based aspects. You can also lighten the overall load or pick up the tempo for getting more cardio exercises into the mix. This move works the calves or gastrocnemius and quadriceps alike. Stand in front of a step board or on the bottom step of a staircase. Keeping the core tight and your shoulders back, keep the spine straight. Step up onto the board in front of you or the step. Lead with the right leg. Put the left foot along with your right. Step back downwards again while starting with the right leg. Repeat this with the opposite leg. You can also add some hand weights to your regime if you wish to get more effort into the game!

These four exercises will help you build sexy and strong legs without a doubt!