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4 Exercises For Desk Job Doers Who Have Back Pain

Wed, Mar 31, 2021

Back pain is the scourge feared by almost everyone with a desk job in modern times. Working a desk job is not just tedious but it also puts your back at risk of severe and long-term injuries as well! Lower back pain is sometimes associated with several common symptoms. Some of these common symptoms may include an aching or dull pain in the lower back or even sharper pain at times. You may also feel a burning or tingling sensation sometimes along with experiencing weakness in the feet or legs. Lower back aches may vary from one individual to another. They are usually mild, moderate or severe. Sometimes, they are so intense that it becomes hard to move as well!

Depending upon the reason behind back aches and lower back pain, you may also witness pain in the hips, legs or even the bottom of the feet. The trigger for lower back pain or aches is majorly everyday injuries, strenuous activities, overuse from a physical standpoint and also prolonged periods of inactivity or rest alike. Long hours of just standing or sitting and sudden quick movements may also work as triggers in this regard. Some common remedies including working out or exercising strategically on a regular basis for strengthening vital muscles which ensure ample back support, particularly the hips, abdominals, pelvic area and back. Strengthening your core is also vital for keeping back pain and aches successfully at bay.

Top exercises worth checking out

Here are some of the simplest and convenient exercises worth executing if you wish to relieve yourself from lower back pain and aches.

  1. Only stand up and sit down without using your hands - If you stand up and then sit down repeatedly and periodically minus using your hands, this will pose a challenge and help you combat back pain.
  2. Torso Twists - Inhale first and then turn towards the right while exhaling. Grab the back of the office chair with the right hand and grab the arm with the left hand alongside. Use the grip on the chair for twisting the torso round till as far as you can. Hold this position of the twist and let the back continue this stretch seamlessly. Come back slowly towards the forward facing position. Repeat accordingly for the other side.
  3. Stretching the back with the hug pose - Hug your own body, putting your right hand on the left shoulder while putting the left hand on the right shoulder. Breathe in and then out, releasing the area between the shoulder blades seamlessly.
  4. Leg hugs for shoulder and back stretches - Sit right towards the edge of your office chair. In case it comes with wheels, put it firmly against the wall or your desk for making sure that it does not roll forward. Put the feet together absolutely flat upon the floor. Thereafter, lean over, keeping your chest to the knees, dangling your arms in a loose and relaxed manner to the floor. Release the neck comfortably at the same time. Thereafter, bring the hands right behind the legs. The right hand should grasp the left wrist or forearm or elbow. The left hand should clutch the right hand. Feel the proper stretch in your shoulders, back and neck alike. Hold the posture for some time. Release the hands till the floor once again and repeat this for around three times or as often as you consider fit.

Follow these exercise tips for combating back pain and aches even if you are working at a desk for long periods of time.