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4 Ways A Skinny Guy Can Bulk Up Quickly

Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Are you a skinny guy looking to bulk up swiftly and build more muscle? This not impossible, although you will have to implement some steps in this regard. Diet, rest and exercise are the three pillars of building muscle and bulking up. Here are four ways that will help you bulk up quickly without hassles.

  • Consuming the right amount of calories - You should consume more than 3,500 calories each day. This should be the minimum amount as per experts. If you are young with a high metabolism and active lifestyle, you may have to consume more as per reports. The key thing to remember however is that you should get your calories from high-quality sources of food and not junk. You may have to eat every 2-3 hours or consume 6-10 smaller meals per day.
  • Eat the right things - Carbohydrates should give you approximately 60% of your daily calories. Cut out processed foods and refined sugar. Try oatmeal, cereals, rice and bread among others. Consume roughly 2 grams of protein for every kilo of your bodyweight. Consume calorie dense foods like nut butter, nuts, whole milk, cheese, avocados, olive oil, eggs, salmon and other oily fish, coconut oil and full-fat Greek yoghurt among others. You should focus on balancing carbohydrates and proteins for pre-workout meals and energy. Post-workout consumption within 10-60 minutes should have both protein and carbs in 1:3 ratios. Do not consume fat just after your workout. Try healthy mass gainer supplements for covering your nutritional needs.
  • Do compound exercises - Compound exercises are excellent for achieving your muscle building goals. For getting more bulk onto your frame, emphasize upon weight training and compound exercises. Isolation moves like leg extensions and bicep curls may work well, but compound moves target the biggest chunk of muscle fiber. Hence, there will be larger releases of anabolic hormones, including growth hormones and testosterone. This will automatically give you better results when it comes to bulking up. Try the exercises like seated, bent-over and standing rows, back and front squats, bench presses, deadlifts (Sumo, Romanian and conventional), military press (either seated or standing), pull-ups, Bulgarian split squats, lunges and push-ups (flat, incline or decline). Make sure you experiment with various types of reps. When you are looking to gain more weight and develop muscle, try 8-12 reps on an average. This is the time-tested formula for the most hypertrophy. Beginners should start with three sets and move up to five sets with better stamina, confidence and strength. You should stick to rest times of 60-120 seconds between sets for maximum muscle development.
  • Stay off the cardio for sometime - In spite of the numerous health benefits linked to cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis, simply doing cardio for long hours will not be productive for gaining weight. This happens in particular when you are targeting weight gain. Unless you wish to scale up your intake of calories even more to accommodate the already-comprehensive calorie needs, skip the cardio for sometime. If you cannot do without cardiovascular exercises, just have a single high-intensity interval training session incorporated into your workout regime for the whole week.

Along with these four methods, you should also remember that getting enough rest is truly important. For bulking up, you should rest properly. This should not be neglected. Working out when your muscles are yet to recover, will only lead to various issues and disadvantages. You will get the best results if you rest for a minimum of 48 hours between workouts for the same muscle groups.