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5 Exercises To Burn Fat That Will Not Hurt Your Knees

Tue, Mar 09, 2021

Are you a beginner when it comes to your workouts? Are you someone who is recovering and just getting back into the thick of it? Do you have issues and worries relating to injuries, joint health and so on? Low-impact cardiovascular exercises are a great way to properly work out while burning fat considerably at the same time. Low-impact exercises emphasize upon keeping a foot on the ground which will reduce the overall pressure and stress on the joints. Do not think that you will not burn fat just because it may be low impact at times.

Here are five exercises that will not hurt your knees while burning fat simultaneously:

  1. Swimming -  Swimming is a wonderful low-impact exercise that will help you work out properly without putting on any weight or stressing out your knee joints. This can be expected irrespective of whether you are swimming outdoors or in an indoor swimming pool. Water enables easier body movements, giving the entire body a superior workout without worries of picking up injuries. Reports state that swimming may also lower overall joint stiffness while strengthening muscles around the body joints, the bones and enhancing fitness levels considerably.
  2. Elliptical Machine - If you keep missing intense cardiovascular exercises that you were doing before you were impacted by knee pain, you should use the elliptical machine for filling up the gap. Elliptical trainers are wonderful for cardiovascular exercises with lower impact. They help in scaling up overall endurance while safeguarding knee health at the same time. The movement provided by elliptical machines is quite easy for the knees since it requires lower stabilization around the joints and also ensures maximum cardio gains with the lowest possible impact. Elliptical movements will lower risks of shocks for the knees and other weight-bearing body joints in the back and hips alike. When you are moving on the elliptical machine, attempt at aligning the body suitably through straightening it up. Do not hang over the console this may increase the pressure on the knees.
  3. Rowing - Rowing is an excellent workout that will not put undue pressure on your knees while helping you burn calories simultaneously. Rowing machines enable full body workouts without putting stress on your knees in this case. They work out your core, leg muscles and even the upper body. This enhances the total calorie burnout every hour.
  4. Cycling - Cycling is a low-impact activity which can be performed throughout the year, both outdoors and at the gymnasium. This exercise is friendly for the joints, working the lower body and also your cardiovascular system with ample calorie burning scope as well. The knees will not be impacted likewise.
  5. TRX - TRX is a suspension training type which was made by a Navy SEAL. It makes use of straps which work on the principles of gravity and body weight of the individual for offering an excellent cardio and strength workout. The user may customizer the difficulty levels of the exercise on the basis of his/her fitness levels. The straps will offer more support whenever required. This workout may be done at home or even in the gymnasium. You will get a wonderful low-impact workout without hurting your knees and also burning more calories at the same time.

It is possible to lose more fat while avoiding undue stress on your knees too. Follow the above mentioned tips for the best possible results and solutions in this regard.