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5 Fitness Myths That People In India Think Are True

Fri, May 21, 2021

There are several myths and prevalent stories revolving around fitness which people often take as absolutely true. Becoming fitter and building lean muscle mass, agility and maintaining healthy body weight at the same time requires patience, perseverance and time. There are simply no shortcuts that you can take towards getting fitter and healthier.



Here are five of these myths which you should stay away from by all means-

  1. Weight training equates to getting bulkier/heavier - Simply by lifting weights on a regular basis, you will not transform into the Indian equivalent of Hulk! This will not be enough for helping you develop a beefy or the chunky physique with tons of muscle mass. You will have to develop a proper nutrition plan and consume ample calories for any such endeavor to be successful. Weight training will naturally help you look fitter and edgier but it is not the sole component. You should consult an expert and then create the right dietary regime to succeed in building muscle mass.
  2. Muscle will get transformed into fat when it is not used - This is one of the biggest fitness and workout myths that should be busted. Muscle is comprised of solid protein while fat is comprised of lipids. They cannot convert to one another from a chemical perspective. What actually takes place is that muscle strength and vigor may go down for people who stop lifting weights as they did earlier.
  3. Exercise is only best in the morning - Irrespective of whether you work out in the mornings or evenings, what actually matters is not the actual time or duration but the regularity and sincerity of your workouts. The key advantage of working out in the morning is that you will be sorted for the day and have ample time for your professional and other tasks. However, you can always consider working out in the evening if that is what suits your schedule.
  4. You should exercise for at least one hour - You should keep in mind that your workouts should be regular and efficient above all else. The duration and time does not really matter. You can exercise intensely for 15-20 minutes on a daily basis and your fitness levels will considerably improve to say the least. It all depends on the quality and not quantity of exercise.
  5. Abdominal exercises will help you build a chiseled midsection - You should keep in mind that only performing abdominal exercises will not give you that chiseled six pack torso that you are desirous of building. Cardiovascular exercises and a proper nutritional plan that aims to help you achieve six pack exercises will work in this regard. You should also successfully control your dietary regime above all else.

There are many other myths that people have often believed, although they have been busted in recent times. People used to believe that running barefoot was the solution, although logic states that wearing shoes will safeguard them from injuries at the same time. People have also learnt that it is a myth that one should refrain from using weights after the age of 40 or so. You should ensure that you complete weight training under supervision and with expert advice.