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5 Must Do Exercises For Every One With A Desk Job

Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Do you have a desk job that requires you to work for long hours? Are you feeling pain in your neck, spine and physically lethargic? Are you experiencing a lack of fitness, weight gain and any such problems? These are common issues for most people with stressful desk jobs. Spending several hours each day in front of computer screens will naturally hinder your overall posture. It may not always be feasible or possible to remain conscious about how you are sitting or how frequently you are taking breaks, you can do these vital exercises for your shoulders, neck and back alike.

Top exercise poses for those with desk jobs:

  • Seated Cat & Cow Pose - This is beneficial for people who suffer from backaches and lower back pain. Sit on the edge of your office chair and make sure that your feet remain flat on the floor. Put your hands on your knees. While inhaling, lift up your chest and stick the hips backwards so that the spine witnesses a curve. Look to the ceiling, broaden out your shoulders and then squeeze your shoulder blades. While exhaling, round your chest, draw in the navel and curl the tail bone. Gently drop the head to the chest. Repeat the whole process for approximately 10-15 times.
  • Torso Twists - This exercise will help you release tension from your upper body in minimal time. Cross the right leg over your left one and put the opposite elbow on top of your thigh, near the knee but not on the same. Ensure that your back stays erect while twisting it slowly so that you can comfortably look over the shoulder. Take a deep breath whenever you are twisting. Hold the pose for approximately 15 minutes and repeat on the other side too.
  • Toe Raises - This exercise will help you tone the calves quite seamlessly while you are preparing for that office meeting or presentation. Stand behind your office chair, putting your hands on the top of the chair’s backrest. Ensure that the shoulders remain tucked inwards and stand slowly on the toes likewise. Squeeze your buttocks and legs quite consciously in order to get them hard and hold this posture for roughly 10 seconds. Repeat this for approximately 10-15 times in order to get a good mini workout going.
  • Leg Lifts - This exercise helps in working the muscles of the legs and is excellent for working the lower abdominal muscles too. Sit straight in your office chair while holding the sides. Make sure that your arms remain absolutely straight. Ensure that the legs remain properly rested with the feet placed firmly in front. Raise your right leg slowly and then start flexing and pointing your toes. Repeat for about 10 times. Put down the leg and do the same thing with the other leg. Do a total of five sets in all.
  • Side Bends - This exercise will help you stretch both your shoulders and sides. This will also help you ease overall stress in the neck greatly. Sit absolutely straight and put the feet slightly apart from each other. Put the right palm near the left ankle while twisting the torso so that you are looking more towards the ceiling. Hold this posture for approximately 10 seconds while repeating the same for the other side too. 5-7 sets will be all you need to really stretch your sides and shoulders, keeping them free from unnecessary strain.

These are 5 quick and hassle-free poses that you can try for relieving tension, stress and staying fit at the same time.