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5 Ways To Shed Weight Gained During Quarantine

Mon, May 24, 2021

There are several easy ways to lose weight that you have gained in the quarantine period. Agreed, quarantining at home has been tough on our health regimes. We no longer have to commute to work and lose a few pounds each day after the procedure. We’re eating more than ever in a bid to relieve stress while experimenting with culinary delights at home is another reason! We’re also leading more sedentary lifestyles and there is some stress alongside; this goes a long way towards every one of us piling on the pounds considerably. You should not completely revamp and overhaul your daily regime at the outset, even though you know that you’ve got to take some action at least. Start with smaller and baby steps towards integrating positive and better changes into your life.

From sleeping early to eating in moderation whenever possible, there are smaller steps that you can take in this regard. There is no shortcut method to lose all the weight that you’ve gained in the quarantine period.

However, here are some tips that might be of help:

  1. Semi-homemade may work better - Agreed, you do have more time in hand to cook those delicious meals. Yet, if you’re not mentally up to choosing what to cook, going through recipes and buying particular ingredients, simply have ready-to-use items stocked up in your kitchen cabinet. These can be easily cooked into pretty tasty and nutritious meals for you and your brood. This is not the time to transform into the masterchef of the millennium! Learn to take smaller steps with pre-cooked choices, particularly if you are not feeling up to it mentally.
  2. Eat as per a schedule - Since you are working from home, you have food accessible on a 24-7 basis. Every day will possibly have lower structure than before. Plan your meal and beverage breaks and schedule your meals like you would normally. Stick to this schedule.
  3. Intermittent fasting can be considered - Intermittent fasting helps you restrict your eating to a particular window of hours every day. You should aim for healthy meals and snacking items in those periods, although you will not have to count your calories or overall nutrients likewise. Simply by not eating very early in the morning or late at night, you will find that you are consuming lesser than before.
  4. Be careful of the liquor - Alcohol leads to piling on excessive calories while it also hinders your ability to regulate overall intake of food. Keep a tab on the liquor that you are consuming. You do not have to totally shirk alcohol but drink in moderation and with more responsibility in the bargain.
  5. Get dressed for the day - Every day, when you wake up and freshen yourself, dress in something that gets you moving, going for walks, sitting down to work in a formal/semi-formal manner and so on. Loungewear and pajamas will not encourage physical activity or effort as per experts.

Bonus Tips- Use the time for commuting to work out- If you still think you do not have time to work out, use the time you spent commuting to work for this purpose. You do not have to rush out of the house now by a certain period. Use this time to get moving and vary your workout intensity alongside. Try squeezing in a little more time for your workout session.