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How To Cool Down Post Heavy Workouts

Mon, Mar 22, 2021

Wondering how to suitably cool down after a rather heavy workout? You’re not alone! Studies suggest how a majority of people going to the gym lack knowledge in proper cool-down techniques. This could otherwise be detrimental for your post-workout recovery and may lead to some health hazards down the line as well. Here are ways to cool down efficiently after your grueling workout.

  1. Cool down by slowing the pace- Even gymnasium treadmills come with cool down modes these days! Suddenly stopping intense physical workouts may lead to a drop in blood pressure, dizziness and other issues. After intense workouts, simply slow down and walk for 3-5 minutes or longer. Cooling down is important after doing weight training as well; try a few walking lunges or yoga poses for relaxing the body and getting your heart rate back to normal.
  2. Stretching it right - Post cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises, your muscles will be completely warmed up. They will naturally be more elastic as a result. This is when you will witness the highest benefits of flexibility. Stretching will help you relax any workout tension while lowering soreness levels in your calves, quads and hamstrings for the next day. Stretching maintains blood circulation at vital points while fast-tracking healing and recovery after a grueling exercise.
  3. Hydration is a must - Each time that you plunge into a movement, you are using up more water contained in your body. After indulging in a hectic and grueling workout session, you should properly replenish your supplies of water alongside. This will help in lowering the overall soreness of the muscles while also enhancing overall flexibility and strength in the bargain. Weigh yourself right before you start working out. Weigh yourself after you are done. The weight loss will be the water weight which you can now compute. For making up the same, have more fluids and liquids. Have 25-50% more since you will lose some more water through urine.
  4. Protein Shakes are Ideal - It does not matter when you choose to work out, i.e. afternoons, mornings or the night-time. You should gulp a protein shake right after working out. You should do this at least 15-30 minutes post-workout when the metabolic window stays open as per experts. This is when muscles get more reactive towards nutrient absorption. A protein shake will help infuse more protein and carbohydrates into your body muscles. This will help them rebuild considerably while growing stronger at the same time. You should aim at four grams of carbs for every gram of protein that you consume. If you do not like protein shakes at all, experts recommend gulping down one glass of something like chocolate milk. Even though it has higher sugar content, skim milk is good for the body and with chocolate, it will have the best possible ratio for your needs.
  5. Massages are needed for recovery - A proper cooling down session is incomplete without a relaxing massage. Several reports indicate that getting massages after intense workouts may lead to faster muscle recovery. This can be even up to 50% in some cases while lowering overall muscle damage and swelling simultaneously. Experts state that massages are ideal for breaking up any knots that may have formed. Your muscles will stay more aligned while it will help in combating several possible injuries and so on. You can at least grab a foam roller, position it carefully and then use your weight to roll the same along your neck and back.

These are some of the ways that you can suitably cool down after a heavy and intensive workout.