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How To Differentiate Between A Steroid Lifter And Natural Lifter

Wed, Mar 03, 2021

Natural lifting is always recommended without excessive steroid usage. You should aim at naturally and safely taking steps to lose fat and build muscle. In this case, muscle protein consumption, healthy workouts, natural lifting and ample rest are the success mantras for athletes and bodybuilders. Making up nutritional needs with healthy supplements is also recommended in this case. However, staying away from steroids is a must if you wish to avoid potentially dangerous side effects and issues in the future.

At the same time, spotting natural lifters from steroid lifters is not that difficult. Here are some tips that will help you differentiate between the twain:

  • Natural lifters will not witness muscle gains at a similar rate as steroid lifters.
  • Steroid lifters will recover unnaturally fast while natural lifters will need proper time to recover, depending upon adequate rest, stress and eating. Steroid lifters will recover faster due to continual muscle protein synthesis.
  • Natural lifters will not be indulging bad habits. Steroid lifters will get away with the same. The average person on steroids will indulge more in junk food, liquor and other substances and still build muscle. Natural weight lifters will stay away from these elements since excessive smoking otherwise leads to reduced Vitamin C levels in the blood. Excessive alcohol may lower testosterone levels along with other risks.
  • Protein synthesis rates are continually higher for steroid lifters than natural ones. Anabolism is the process of body growth while catabolism equates to muscle tissue breakdown. Steroid users will be in a state of continual protein synthesis while natural lifters will have elevated synthesis for 24-72 hours in a specific muscle group, based upon their overall training experience.
  • Natural weight lifters cannot afford to make any errors with regard to nutrition and training. Steroid lifters may over-consume calories or do with little sleep. The gains will be artificial unlike natural bodybuilders.


Spotting Natural Lifters- Handy Tips

Here are some signs to help you spot natural lifting as opposed to steroid-based lifting:

  • Natural lifters weigh less, i.e. they believe in losing fat and building muscle.
  • They do not have a synthetic look. Using steroids gives the body a plastic-like appearance. Natural bodybuilders maintain a suitable look in spite of losing body fats in a higher percentage. Steroid users will look ready for competitions throughout the year.
  • Those using steroids will not have a normal body to head ratio. Their heads may be tiny for their bodies. Heads are non-proportional to the bodies for steroid lifters. It is not the case for natural bodybuilders.
  • Natural bodybuilders do not age swiftly. Since they do not force their bodies to build muscles and get bigger in super quick time, natural trainees always build habits which are safer and healthier. This bestows a more youthful and vibrant look to them above all else. They can bypass potential side effects caused by anabolic drugs. These include distorted sleeping patterns along with considerable fatigue and baldness among others.

These are signs that will help you easily distinguish natural bodybuilders from steroid-based lifters. The latter do not realize now that they are actually doing long-term damage to their bodies in lieu of short-term gains. There are no two ways about it; you should train right, eat properly, get enough rest and supplementation and stay away from steroids to build a healthy, strong and muscular body in sync with your goals.