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The Most Effective Home Workouts You Can Do During Quarantine

Tue, Feb 02, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has put a sudden pause on our lives. At such a time it becomes fairly easy to let go of your long-continued fitness regimes and workout schedules considering the inaccessibility of gyms. But this is precisely the time that we need to keep our fitness game at it’s best to keep those stress levels in check and also to not languish our hard work of ages.

To ensure that, we’ve come with the most wholesome, total body workout schedules that you can alternate between days to transform this self-isolation time into productive fitness goals.


Here are the most useful and handy workouts that you can do from within the confines of your home

1. PUSH UPS –Crucial in getting the shoulder, chest and the torso muscles oiled up and in good shape.

  • The Slanted Push up through handstand – Find a wall behind your back to place your legs firmly as far up as you can, go into your normal pushup position, place your hands firmly on the floor and then move your upper torso up and down to achieve these slanted, handstand pushups.
  • Side Push ups – As we perform the side planks similarly lie on the floor with your feet and hands raised above the floor – Your usual pushup position. Every time you come up just rotate to your side to achieve a side pushup. Alternate sides to get the full area covered.

Performing each of these for a minute in succession will get the upper torso muscles working

2. SQUATS – There are different types of Squat exercises you can do that, don’t require any fitness equipment. You can perform these for a minute, ideally without pausing but you can take few mini-seconds breaks if it becomes too much for you.

  • Up & Down Spring Squats – These are the simple squats with just the added jump movement. You can perform these for a minute.
  • Double Down Squats – In these when you move down from up during the squat before you go up again, you have to perform a mini down squat again which makes the down squats twice as much.
  • One leg Raised Squats – These are your usual Squats with one leg raised alternatively while going down in the squat movement.

Doing each of these for a minute one after the other will really strengthen your glutes

3. Abdominals – Whether you’ve already stacked those biscuits shaped abs of yours or are trying to get them into proper shape, following these core ab exercises will give you the desired results.

  • Mountain Climbers –Like the name, in this you put your feet stretched back like a sprinter to start his race, your hands facing the floor. You move forward with bending one close to your stomach and alternate with different leg to master mountain climbers.
  • Crunches – Put a mat or a towel on the floor. Lie flat with your back facing the floor. Cross your hands over your chest, have your feet touch the ground with your thighs and knees raised, facing the ceiling. Keep moving the upper torso up and down to get the best results.

Try and do these for a minute at least in quick succession to get the best possible results.

4. Pull-Ups –It’s much more convenient when you get a gym apparatus that helps you do your pull-ups but when you’re restricted to home, then you can perform the following pull-ups variations to get the best results.

  • Simple Pull-Ups – All you got to do is find a decent long metal or hard material rod that you can place between two hinges at doors or elsewhere. After firmly placing the rod, you should place your palms on the rod facing the floor. Then you should let your palms pull your body with your legs crossed while lifting.
  • Chin-Ups – With the same makeshift rod apparatus, this time use your chins as the level up to which you rise and then go down again with a focus on your biceps.

You should to these for as far as you can hold up, but no more than a minute for each exercise

5. Carved Carves – Not being able to access a gym or even proper jogs outdoors can take a toll on your legs especially your carves. Here are a few calf exercises to get your calves to remain carved.

  • Step up Step Down, Repeat – Go to the stairs or find a slightly raised surface. Keep stepping up and down with your feet between the raised floor and the normal one (or between steps). Do this with enough speed so as you feel the burn in your calf area.
  • Raised Calves – Step to the edge of the raised surface or a step in a way that your heels are hanging in the air. Lower your heels towards the floor and then move your heals up to contract your calf muscles. Hold it for a few seconds, the tempo can be slow.

Ideally do 12 to 15 repetitions of both these up to a minute one after the other to get your calves in the best shape.

Now when the workouts are figured and done with, the most important thing to put your singular focus on is a Nutrition and your diet during Quarantine – It can get really difficult to find exotic, exclusive sources of healthy food at this point but you can cook many healthy dishes with what you already have to get the most nutrition.

Here are a few things you can eat to give yourself a healthy dose of nutrients during these times:

  1. Quinoa Or Dalia Khichdi – It gives you an essential supply of protein, fibers and loads of vitamins and minerals.
  1. Legumes, Pulses, and Lentils – There are slight differences in each of these, but all of these are sure to give you a much-needed dose of protein while you remain indoors.
  1. Leafy Vegetables – With the limited supply of processed items, your best bet comes to natural, green vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli and Kale, etc. to give you a much-needed nutrition boost.
  1. Milk – The good old milk can come to your rescue when you’re trying to stay beefed up during this quarantine time. The natural proteins in milk help your muscles after your home workout sessions.

Another helpful source of nutrition and proteins can come through natural Supplements like the MuscleMonk range of sports nutrition supplements. With online deliveries doing their best to provide people with essential health supplies, order from a multitude of products from MuscleMonk to never let your dietary reserves go low.

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