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Top Exercises For Rapid Fat Loss

Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Weight loss is a gradual procedure and you should ensure that you eat right, get ample sleep and exercise regularly. However, there are a few tried and tested exercises that will help you with fat loss in combination with suitable weight loss supplements alongside. These include weight loss supplements for men and women alike.

Here are the best exercises to lose weight and cut fat rapidly:

  • Forward Lunge - Stand upright with your feet approximately hip-width apart from each other. Put your hands on the hips or hold down weights by your sides for beginning. Control your forward step with the right leg, keeping your spine absolutely tall and your lower body as well. Go till the front and back legs forms a proper 90-degree angle. Pause for a bit and then step back on your right leg for starting. Stop the left leg forward for repeating this process on the other side too. You should do three sets with 10 reps in each set for maximum fat loss. The classic forward-stepping lunge is the best option for weight loss even today. It works several muscles together, namely quads, glutes and hamstrings.
  • Burpee - Stand with shoulder-width distance between your feet and keep your arms at your sides. Push the hips backwards and bend your knees thereafter. Reach your palms till the ground for lowering into a crouch-like position. Instantly lower yourself backwards into a squat for doing the next rep. Repeat this procedure around 8-12 times. Complete three sets in all. With your hands shoulder-width on the floor in front of your feet, shift your weight to the same for jumping backwards and softly landing into the position of a plank. Jump in a feet-forward position for landing outside of your hands. Explosively jump towards the air, putting your hands overhead or leaving them by your sides. Do three sets with 8-12 reps each. You will feel your core, legs and chest burning simultaneously.
  • Squat - Start with a hip-width distance between your feet, keeping your arms at either sides with weights or clasped before your chest. Put the back straight and the weight on your heels. Bend your knees for going into a squat till your thighs remain fully parallel to the floor beneath you. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes entirely. Keep the pace and rise again for starting. Do three sets with 15 reps each. Squats are excellent for you to lose weight.
  • Double Jump - Stand with your feet hip-width apart and then go down into a deeper squat. Go up in the manner of jumping but land softly in a position like a lunge with your right leg backward. Use your momentum for jumping right from your position and then going into a squat. Then repeat the entire exercise, landing in a lunge for your opposite side as well. You should do a couple of sets. You can integrate a lunge and jump into the process for stepping up the fat burn!
  • Mountain Climbers - Mountain climbers require you to start in a plank right on the floor. Drive your right knee inwards to the chest and do not raise your hips or enable your right foot to completely touch the floor. Put your right foot back where it was and repeat the same thing with the other leg. Drive the left knee inwards to the chest. Alternate your legs and keep repeating the process. Do this for three seats. Mountain climbers help you cut fat rapidly.

These are the best exercises for losing weight rapidly.