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Which Is More Effective In Weight Loss? GM Diet Plan Or Keto Diet?

Tue, May 18, 2021

Wondering which is more effective for losing weight, i.e. the GM diet plan or the Keto diet plan? Both are globally popular and well-known plans for losing weight effectively. For people who have crossed the mark for healthy body mass index (BMI) and are obese/overweight, weight loss will naturally assume greater importance. As a result, an innovative diet plan becomes a matter of paramount importance in this regard.

Keto Diet

A Keto or Ketogenic Diet is a dietary regime where you will consume higher amounts of proteins and fats while consuming lower amounts of carbohydrates. It is one of the most efficient weight loss diet as per many experts. Those going on this almost nil-carb diet will witness a major dip in body weight levels in the initial few weeks. The body starts burning fat with this dietary plan since it does not start receiving its usual energy sources. Foods to consume during this diet include meat, eggs, fish, avocados, nuts, butter and leafy green vegetables while those to avoid include potatoes, grains, beans, rice, cereals and sweets.

The positives of this dietary regime include effective and swift weight loss. In normal regimes, the body uses carbohydrates for energy. Yet, when they are limited, the body starts burning more fat for energy. This means that you lose weight more quickly while increasing foods high in fats will curtail food cravings and hunger pangs better. The Keto diet may be helpful for people who are mostly confined to desk jobs without proper exercise or workout time. In such scenarios, the body will not require more carbs.

The thing to remember is that many people need to consume diets higher in carbohydrates for keeping their bodies in the best shape for exercise/workout routines. The Keto diet may lead to a lack of endurance and energy alike. Another disadvantage could be that the body is not getting ample sugar from the Keto diet. Sugar is needed for suitable functioning, energy and enabling brain functioning too.

GM Diet

The General Motors (GM) diet claims to help people lose weight effectively by 6.5 kilograms within only a week’s time. Each single day on this dietary regime enables consumption of various kinds of food groups. The GM diet is broken down into seven days with each day dedicated stringently to a single food group. It allows fruits, meat, milk and vegetables while you will not be consuming sugary items, processed foods and other items high in fat along with potatoes and bananas.

The good thing about the GM diet is that weight loss results will be quickly seen within a week of following the regime. This is a good way to lose considerable weight in a comparatively smaller duration. Multiple studies also state that this diet helps in driving away toxins from the body. However, some side effects should be taken into account, i.e. the fact that owing to the lower protein and carbohydrate consumption, the body will consume protein from muscle, leading to lethargy and exhaustion. Weight loss results could be temporary, depending upon the diet that you will follow up with in the near future. This is not a long-term weight loss diet while being possibly deficient in vital nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin B12 and iron. Low-calorie diets may lead to loss of muscle and a slower metabolism along with mood swings and irritability.

Having examined both diets, you can take your own decision. However, it is recommended that you scale up your workout/exercise regimen as much as possible, get good sleep and first aim to consume a healthy and balanced diet above all else. Thereafter, you can consult an expert on the viability and practicality of committing to any one of these diets.