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5 Affordable Carbs That Help In Quick Muscle Mass Gain

Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Mass gainer protein is undoubtedly the biggest building block for muscles as far as bodybuilders and elite athletes are concerned. However, it is not just mass gainer protein powder that you need to build lean muscle and get ripped. While these powders and supplements are really vital, you should look for additional sources of nutrients for building that body you always dreamed of!

Carbohydrates are often blamed for enabling fat gain in adults after fats. Yet, what people should realize is that this is not true at all. It is your entire intake of calories which will ultimately influence weight loss or gain in turn. Carbohydrates will help you add serious muscle mass when combined with proper training and suitable consumption of proteins in the bargain. Once you scale up your intake of calories and maintain surplus calories from cleaner carbohydrate sources, you will build more muscle in turn. As a result, along with your mass gainer shake and protein, you will have to consume these essential carbohydrates alongside.

Top options which are affordable and healthy

  • Oats - Mass gainers should include oats as part of their daily dietary regime. Oats are the healthiest possible whole grain that you will find at a comparatively reasonable price point. Oats have close to 66% of carbs and close to 11% of this is dietary fibre. They are excellent sources of soluble fibre and a breakfast meal will keep you full for a long duration. They also help greatly in the maintenance of stable levels of insulin likewise. Oats are low-GI food items and are excellent for building lean muscle too. They offer good carbs and some protein along with zero unhealthy fat content.
  • Sweet Potatoes - Sweet potatoes are another good carbohydrate source which enables excellent lean muscle gain. Sweet potatoes are ideal for pre-workout nutrition. Since they are carbohydrate-dense food, you will get an amazing pump in the gymnasium for your workout. They are also scoring lower on the glycemic index and hence the energy supplied will sustain for a longer duration.
  • Beetroots - They are highly underrated food items and a cup of raw beetroots will have approximately 15 grams of carbs which are made of fibre and sugar. With all these carbs, beetroots is an excellent vitamin source along with containing antioxidants and minerals alongside. They also have high nitrate content since these are converted into nitric oxide in the body. Beet juice has been used for a long time for physical performance enhancement and for endurance workouts alike. They can be used in regular salads or consumed as beetroot juice alongside.
  • Quinoa - Quinoa is one of the healthiest dietary choices with close to 25% carbs contained in the same. It has almost similar carbohydrate content as rice and barley alike. It does not lead to any spike in insulin levels and low GI index, high fibre content and high satiety aspects make this ideal for building lean muscle. Since this is gluten-free, it is a great option for those who are allergic or intolerant to gluten.
  • Wheat Pasta - Wheat Pasta is created from whole grains as opposed to regular white pasta. Wheat pasta offers an excellent variety of carbohydrates with regard to taste. It is made of whole grains and has a lower GI index likewise. It also has higher fibre while offering a decent portion of carbohydrates for each serving. This makes it a great choice of carbohydrates for building lean muscle mass.

These are the best 5 carbohydrates for building muscle while maintaining proper growth and momentum at the same time.