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5 Easily Available Vegetables That Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Fri, Feb 12, 2021

Eat your vegetables is a common refrain that many of us have heard from our parents, elders, teachers and relatives while growing up! Of course, it goes without saying that it is really important to eat our vegetables for a healthy body and mind alike. However, as they say, the best things in life are not always too costly or out of reach for everyone.

Here’s taking a closer look at five readily available vegetables which are at your fingertips, are consumed regularly by most people and come with innumerable benefits if included in your daily diet.

  1. Spinach - Spinach is amongst the top leafy vegetables that should be incorporated into your daily diet for innumerable benefits. Spinach is rich in antioxidants which lower risks of various chronic ailments while also containing vital Vitamins like A and K. A cup of raw spinach will have 7 calories approximately. Spinach is known for its superior nutritional attributes and its role in restoring energy, enhancing vitality and enhancing quality of the blood as well. Spinach is rich in iron which plays a vital role in red blood cell functioning and oxygen transportation throughout the body along with DNA synthesis and energy production alike. Spinach is a great source of Vitamin C, folate, magnesium, manganese and Vitamin B2 as well. Vitamin K is essential for bone health.
  2. Carrots - Carrots help greatly with overall eyesight since they have approximately four times the amount of Vitamin A which is recommended on a daily basis. They also have the antioxidant beta-carotene which helps in combating cancer. A half-cup of carrots will help you get 73% of your Vitamin A needs daily along with decent proportions of Vitamins C and K along with iron, calcium, fiber and potassium. Carrots are good for eye health since they contain beta-carotene that safeguards eyes from the sun and reduces chances of cataracts. Carrots have potassium which regulates blood pressure and fiber which maintains weight and lowers possibilities of heart diseases. Carrots also boost immunity greatly while helping with constipation, controlling diabetes and strengthening the bones.
  3. Beets - Beets are ideal for enhancing the health of the heart while being antioxidants and anti-inflammatory at the same time. They also help in combating diabetic nerve issues. They regulate blood pressure, improve sports and athletic performance and also support brain health. They may improve overall digestion while enabling weight loss at the same time. Beets also help in enhancing overall physical stamina greatly while enhancing the appearance of your skin alongside. They are regarded as ideal for detoxification of the liver. Beets help in keeping the liver clean and functioning smoothly. The betalains antioxidant maintains the appearance of the skin as well. Beets also help with thinning of bile that is secreted by the liver.
  4. Onions - Onions contain sulfur-based compounds which are majorly linked towards cancer prevention. They come with components such as manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6 among others. Several compounds contained in onions have been known to lower chances of prostate and stomach cancers greatly.
  5. Tomatoes - Tomatoes are technically fruits although we still perceive them as vegetables. They are also used for several dishes crafted with veggies. They have a huge amount of Vitamin C and potassium alike. Lycopene contained in tomatoes is known to lower risks of cancer along with possessing beta-carotene content which is good for the eyes.

Now that you have the list, here’s to consuming these easily available vegetables on a regular basis for better health and metabolism!