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5 Foods Serious Gym Goers Should Avoid

Fri, Feb 19, 2021

When it comes to diets for bodybuilding, there are various kinds of regimes that you can follow. Of course, you should make sure that you consult your trainer or a qualified dietician for this purpose. For losing fat and being able to consistently build muscle, serious gym goers should avoid a few foods as much as they can. Here’s taking a look at the same:

  • Sugar - Sugar is the very antithesis to successful weightlifting and nutrition. Consuming refined sugar such as breakfast cereal or sweets is something to be strictly avoided prior to workouts. This will only spike blood sugar and infuse empty calories into the body and suddenly there will be a drop in blood sugar levels as well. This will result in headaches, fatigue and poor performance.
  • Dairy - Yoghurt, milk or cheese are not suitable choices before working out. They are ideal for post-workout meals if you have to consume them. Owing to the high fat which is digested more slowly, dairy products may lead to cramps or nausea along with gas, sluggishness and lethargy.
  • Spicy Foods - Spicy foods may tickle your palate excellently but they are not good if you will be hitting the gymnasium sometime soon. Eating food which is too spicy or hot before the workout will lead to indigestion. This can also cause heartburn which will hinder overall performance greatly.
  • Fizzy Beverages - Sports drinks or fizzy beverages are not good options to consume prior to workouts. They contain absolutely zero nutrition while being packed with sugar. The carbonated beverage will bloat you up and may lead to stomach cramping along with nausea. Plain water is the best thing to consume before and during the workout itself.
  • Fatty Foods - Fatty food is a strict NO before your workout. Fat is an essential component of a balanced meal but it should be strictly avoided before your gym session. Fat takes more time to be digested and this will increase your discomfort while lifting weights or running. It can slow you down likewise. Make sure that you are not filling up your stomach with fries, burgers and the like while working out. Junk food will need a lot of time to be suitably digested. Whenever you digest food, the heart will emphasize on pumping blood to the stomach for enabling this process. The blood flow volume of the muscles will go down while the muscles will need a higher intake of blood. This is needed during heavy-duty action such as workouts. The higher sodium levels in fatty and junk foods will disrupt the bodily fluid balance during workouts.


Additional item to avoid- Flaxseed

This may come as a shock but you should avoid flaxseed as much as possible if you are a serious gym goer. Flaxseed is rich in beneficial fiber and this is of course, beneficial for your body too. However, excessive fiber may lead to your stomach becoming gassy and also excessively bloated at the same time. This may hamper your overall workout regime considerably as well.

Experts say that people should not consume foods which are rich in fiber two before and after their workouts. Serious gym goers should take into account this factor as well. Along with flaxseed, you should avoid fiber-based supplements. Avoid vegetable salads, bran and also baked goods which are rich in fiber. It is always better to consume foods which are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Keep these things in mind when you are planning your diets for bodybuilding.