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6 Natural Foods That Have Almost Zero Calories

Fri, May 21, 2021

Calories are essential for the body to produce energy for functioning and also for existence itself. While evidence is minimal regarding negative or zero calorie food items helping in burning more calories than they actually provide, items which have almost negligible calories will give you lesser calories to consume. This is because the body will use energy for digesting the same. If you are attempting to lower calorie intake for losing weight and sticking to your weight loss/fitness regime, then you should consider these zero calorie foods. 

Here are some of the top natural foods which contain close to zero calories. The interesting bit is that all of them are highly recommended for regular consumption.


  1. Apples - Apples are considerably nutritious while also being one of the world’s most popular fruits as per research reports. The popular saying- an apple a day keeps the doctor away is not that far from the truth. A cup or roughly 125 grams of sliced apples will contain a negligible 57 calories along with close to 3 grams in terms of dietary fiber which is essential for gut health. The body will have to burn energy for digesting apples and the net calories obtained from this magical fruit is possibly lower than you normally expected!
  2. Asparagus - Asparagus is a well-known flowering vegetable which has purple, green and white versions. All kinds of asparagus are mostly regarded as healthy for the body, although purple asparagus contains compounds known as anthocyanins, which may help in combating ailments like heart disease and others. A cup or 134 grams of asparagus will contain a negligible 27 calories while being immensely rich in Vitamin K and folate alike. This will naturally offer 70% and 17% of the respective DVs that you require.
  3. Beets - Beets are basically root vegetables, which come in purple or deep red hues. They offer several benefits including a reduction in blood pressure, which is one of the most vital attributes. Beets will only give you 59 calories in a cup or roughly 136 grams as a serving. They will have 13% of the recommended DV in the case of potassium.
  4. Broccoli - Broccoli is one of the most popular and nutritious vegetables available for consumption. It is known to be a member of the cruciferous vegetable family while also helping in combating cancer effectively. A cup or approximately 91 grams of broccoli will contain a mere 31 calories and more than 100% of the Vitamin C amount that people require on a daily basis.
  5. Brussels Sprouts - Brussels sprouts are known for their considerably high nutritional quotient. They are similar to mini cabbages and may be cooked or eaten raw itself if you wish. Research reports have indicated clearly that consumption of Brussels sprouts may help in safeguarding you against any DNA-linked damages owing to the exceedingly high Vitamin C content. Brussels sprouts contain a negligible 38 calories in a serving of one cup or roughly 88 grams in all.
  6. Carrots - Carrots are also highly popular vegetables for regular consumption. They usually come in a shade of orange while being delicious at the same time. They sport numerous colors including purple, yellow, red and white. Most people know that consumption of carrots is vital for better eyesight while these magical vegetables are also rich in necessary beta carotene which may be easily converted into Vitamin A. Consuming ample Vitamin A is recommended for improving vision. A single cup serving of carrots comes with just 53 calories or 128 grams in total. It has more than 400% of the recommended DV for the essential Vitamin A.