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Is Sugar Intake Good For Lean Bodybuilders?

Wed, May 19, 2021

Sugar has often been castigated as harmful by bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts and experts alike. Many people avoid it completely while bulking up and building lean muscle with an efficient dietary regime. Agreed, consuming excessive sugar may lead to weight gain and hordes of other issues. However, there are several arguments by health and wellness experts to include sugar in optimal amounts in daily diets. This is because it may actually help in the development of lean muscle tissue. Sugar may promote growth in levels of insulin and while several individuals may talk about maintaining steadier insulin levels within the blood stream, any sudden insulin spike may lead to faster recovery after exercise.

It may help your muscles recover quickly and this happens naturally, since insulin enables transportation of nutrients into muscle cells. Spiking levels of insulin intentionally post workouts may help in getting faster recovery and ultimately improved gains in terms of fitness. You may consider options like chocolate milk, which has a suitable balance of protein and carbohydrates alongside. You may also pair up a sugary-esque powder with your whey protein in this context. A scoop of whey protein paired with a suitable powder scoop in milk/water will ensure proper nutrients for developing lean muscle mass.

The key aspect to remember here is that you should only spike insulin levels after working out. Any other time of the day is possibly avoidable for consumption of a high carb diet if you are an average gym-goer. Nutritional requirements may vary from one individual to another, based upon specific fitness levels and objectives. Sugar is the default fuel source for the body. They break down into glucose upon consumption of carbohydrates and this is what is used for energy purposes by the body. The liver and muscles store sugar in the glycogen form; the blood vessels help in transporting the same in the form of blood sugar. The brain is also driven by sugar to a large extent.

Stopping carbohydrate consumption via starving, fasting or consuming a diet extremely low in carbohydrates means that sugar will not be used as the default source of fuel anymore. This will lead to ketosis where fat can be used as the main fuel source. This is what led to the creation of the Ketogenic dietary plan. However, several reports indicate that this is not always good for bulking up and building muscle. Carbohydrates may be helpful when bulking up since glycogen will be used by muscles. The higher glycogen contained in the muscles, the more one can train prior to muscle fatigue sets in. There are clearly defined benefits towards consumption of simpler sugars. This is why bodybuilders often have sugary beverages during their workouts.

Simple sugars are easier to digest and absorb. If you have a workout drink with carbohydrates, they may be in the form of glucose or other simple carbohydrates. This will help your body absorb sugars while quickly giving you more energy for your workout and also keeping the digestive system from troubling you during your workouts. Oats are rich in fiber but slightly harder to digest and will not give you energy rapidly as well. Bananas are richer in handy simple sugars. You will get more energy quicker and the digestive system can take it more easily. This is true for fruit juice, energy drinks and so on. You should keep sugar to 10-25% of overall calorie consumption and this will be a good strategy for building muscle as per several experts. Those who are overtly skinny will also see some advantages; simple carbohydrates are digested even quicker and they will be hungry sooner. Appetite will not be suppressed while lifting weights and calorie consumption will remain on track for achieving fitness goals likewise.