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Ladies, How To Keep Your Protein Game Up And Running?

Tue, Feb 09, 2021

Protein and women, you’ll rarely read or hear these words spelled out next to each other. In a world where most nutritional supplements are aimed directly towards the male population, it’s important to take proper notice of your diet as a woman.

Proteins, as we generally know are the fundamental constituents of our tissues and muscles.  They ensure the successful carrying out of many essential processes in the body, that our metabolism performs at its best and also that our immunity stays stronger. Our protein needs vary primarily based on our body type our BMI and our fitness regime and then our gender.


Men and women have different protein needs?

Although protein is a basic requirement of the human body regardless of gender, because males have a relatively taller and bulkier build than women, they expend more energy in a day than women hence they require slightly more amount of protein than women.

As per the United States’ Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an average mid- aged man needs 2,500 calories (approx.) while an average mid-aged woman requires 1.770 (approx.) calories a day.  It’s also important to note that the percentage of protein in your overall calories should be around 25-35% for a healthy diet.

United States’ Department of Agriculture recommends the quantity per one Kg of body weight is 0.8 grams. People who’re into moderate workout routines need 1.2 grams per one Kg body weight and those who’re into resistance training or heavy lifting require protein up to 2 grams per one Kg body weight.

Based on the above stats, it can be estimated that men require an average of 30g more protein in a day than women. But women still do require adequate amounts of protein, more especially if they’re thinking of getting a leaner, more toned body and trying to shed some weight as well.

Need for a Protein Supplement for Women

Men may spend more calories because of their body composition, but everybody will agree on the fact that the multifaceted, multidisciplinary and multitasking roles women so effortlessly perform day in day out takes away a lot of essential nutrients from them.

It matters little whether you’re a sportswoman trying to get the right amount of protein for your competition or if you’re a heavy lifter trying to improve your records, you can be a modern, regular woman who’s just unable to get the proper nutrition from her diet and hence is unable to maintain a slim, lean body.

The gradual loss of iron, calcium and other important nutrients due to menstruation cycles, also makes it necessary for women to make up for these losses and thus, it becomes crucial to have your protein needs met through a genuine, certified and effective protein supplement.

MuscleMonk’s PROBELLA women protein is the best in its class, a premium nutritional shake made with a specific formula loaded with essential nutrients like Whey protein, Collagen, Biotin, Iron, Curcumin, Shatavari extracts, and others to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs.

MUSCLEMONK PROBELLA Women Protein’s 6X formulation gives you

  • 3g of Collagen per serving for healthy glowing skin. The presence of collagen makes PROBELLA so much more than just a dietary supplement; it enhances the skin and helps you reflect outside the beauty within.
  • A unique blend of enzymes for better digestion. PROBELLA women protein is packed with digestive enzymes, which make the protein more conveniently digested and absorbed by the body.
  • The Biotin in PROBELLA is specially added to nourish and better the health of your hair, skin, and nails. 
  • The Iron and Calcium in PROBELLA strengthens and fortifies bones and bone density and improves the production of Red Blood Cells (RBCs).
  • Full of nutrients to help your muscles recover faster and grow leaner and stronger for a perfect lean, slim body. 
  • By sufficiently fulfilling your protein needs, it provides you a feeling of satiety that reduces unhealthy cravings and subsequently helps you in managing weight. 
  • Enriched with natural herb extracts like Curcumin and Shatavari enhances reproductive health and balance hormonal levels.
  • It’s rich in Omega flaxseed. A rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) in Omega, it has been observed to better the health of the heart.