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5 Reasons For Taking Zinc Supplements Regularly

Wed, May 12, 2021

Zinc is one of the most essential micronutrients which are vital for almost every part of health and wellbeing. It comes second just to iron as the most amply found trace mineral in the human body as per reports. It is available in various forms and supplements are the most popular ones for treating several issues and building up immunity in general. The mineral may greatly boost immune functions while stabilizing levels of blood sugar and keeping the eyes, skin and heart healthy at the same time.

Here are 5 major reasons for consuming zinc supplements on a daily basis (post consultation with your wellness or health expert of course).

  1. Enhanced immune system functioning - Zinc supplements will help greatly in boosting the overall immune system functioning in the body while also enabling a better fight against any inflammation. Studies have indicated that zinc supplements may bolster ability to fight against common colds and infections while zinc it may function as an antioxidant, lowering inflammation levels and safeguarding against any chronic ailments including cancer, heart diseases and diabetes among others.
  2. Improved control of blood sugar - Zinc is known for its ability to control blood sugar and secretion of insulin. The latter is the hormone with responsibility for transportation of sugar to the tissues from the bloodstream. Studies indicate that zinc may enable keeping blood sugar steady while also enhancing the overall sensitivity of the body towards insulin at the same time. Reports also show that zinc supplements were highly effective in improving long and short term blood sugar control for those suffering from diabetes. Zinc supplements may help in lowering insulin resistance which may boost the ability of the body to make use of insulin more effectively and also for maintenance of normal levels of blood sugar.
  3. Combats acne greatly - Zinc supplements often come in handy for promoting better health of the skin while also helping in the treatment of common skin conditions such as acne. Zinc supplements may help in lowering the symptoms of severe acne outbreaks at the same time. Studies have also discovered that consuming zinc supplements may help with treatment of inflammatory acne as well. These supplements are more effective and with fewer side effects as per several experts.
  4. Improved heart health - Heart disease is a major issue which already comprises about 33% of deaths globally according to reports. This unfortunate scenario may be reversed somewhat as per experts, with more consumption of zinc. Zinc may improve various risk elements for heart diseases while also reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels simultaneously. Reports state that zinc supplements will help in lowering bad and total LDL cholesterol levels greatly along with blood triglycerides as well. Studies have shown that higher consumption of zinc is linked to lower systolic blood pressure levels too. Research also indicates that lower zinc levels may be linked to slightly higher coronary heart disease risks, although the findings are yet to be conclusive.
  5. Slows down macular degeneration levels - Macular degeneration is a common disease affecting the eyes and one of the biggest reasons for loss of vision worldwide. Zinc supplements are mostly used for slowing down the overall progression of age-linked macular degeneration or what we call as AMD while helping safeguard against any blindness or loss of vision. Consuming zinc regularly may help in slowing the overall progression of such a disease as per reports. Other studies state that zinc supplements may lower risks effectively, although this may not always be apparent immediately. They should be paired with other options for treatment for accelerating results as per these studies.

It is thus a great idea to consume zinc supplements on a regular basis after consulting your health expert or doctor.