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How L-Glutamine Can Substantially Tranform Your Fitness Results

Wed, Mar 03, 2021

L-Glutamine makes up for about two-thirds of the overall amino acids in our body. A hot topic amongst fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders L-Glutamine was once considered a non-essential amino acid until a report in The Journal Of Nutrition reclassified it as a conditionally essential amino acid.

It means that in certain medical situations like auto-immune diseases and during exhaustive conditions like intense workout sessions, L-Glutamine can get severely depleted and is required to be supplemented from outside.

L-Glutamine is a really crucial amino acid in the body as it serves a variety of purposes from boosting heavy muscle building to improve body’s immunity, weight management and in alleviating gastrointestinal problems.

 It’s prominently produced in the skeletal muscle and acts as a fuel for many cells to perform their day to day functions. L-Glutamine empowers you to gain up on strong muscles, doing all the hardwork in the gym worth it while also benefiting you in numerous different ways.

The most important benefits of L-Glutamine include: -

  1. Strong Muscle Building, Endurance and Recovery – Being a critical amino acid, L-Glutamine is actively responsible for all durable muscle gains. It keeps increasing body’s capacity to gain more while also repairing the broken patches of muscles to provide holistic muscle growth and development.
  2. Gastrointestinal Immunity & Leaky Gut – By acting as a fuel in the production of cells, particularly white blood cells, L-Glutamine blocks harmful bacteria from entering through the lining of the stomach, reducing inflammation, thus improving the digestive system and also helping in various diseases such as Leaky Gut, IBS and Crohn’s disease.
  3. Fat Burning and Weight Management – Some studies have observed that taking L-glutamine increases the growth hormone HGH. HGH is responsible for optimizing metabolism and keeping sugar and fat levels in check. L-glutamine also reduces unhealthy binging and cravings thus inadvertently helping in shedding weight.
  4. Enhanced Brain Function – Performing the role of a detoxifier                  L-Glutamine purifies the brain by removing excess ammonia. Increasing neurotransmitters in the brain L-glutamine increases healthy traffic of neruons in the brain resulting in improved focus, concentration and overall brain function.

Hence, it’s no rocket science why L-Glutamine continues to gain credible popularity amongst athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. L-Glutamine is nature’s very own elixir for robust muscles, improved immunity, and overall better well-being.

Keeping in mind the infinite benefits of L-Glutamine MuscleMonk has come up with a completely unadulterated and unflavoured supplement – MuscleMonk Micronized L-Glutamine.