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Should You Be Taking Hydrolyzed Protein?

Sat, Feb 13, 2021

Anyone who’s even remotely interested in fitness and bodybuilding has heard about Protein Hydrolysates mentioned somewhere by someone at some point. Hydrolyzed Protein or Protein Hydrolysates entered the mainstream sports and nutrition market at the dawn of the 21st century. Over the next decade and a half, they started to make somewhat of a mark when it comes to performance and popularity.

But first things first, what is Hydrolyzed Protein?

There are many ways to define hydrolyzed proteins. The simplest and most accurate description is that they are whey proteins that come already pre-digested and thus make it easier on the body to digest and absorb them without having to go through a complete digestive cycle. 

If you want more of a textbook definition then you can understand hydrolyzed proteins as broke down concentrated whey proteins using digestive enzymes or treating them with acid in the presence of heat to give a much simpler protein compound.

All in all, hydrolyzed proteins are produced by mimicking some of the processes of our natural digestive system by using synthetic enzymes and acid to give us a simpler form of protein that’s easy to digest and absorb to provide quicker and better results.

So how does Hydrolyzed Protein work?

When the pre-digested hydrolyzed protein enters the body, it gets through the GI tract, the stomach, and the pancreas and gets completely digested and starts getting absorbed in the body.

 The protein breaks down into simpler amino acids and gets quickly transported from the digestive system to the tissues and muscles. This doesn’t leave any scope for the liver to take any unnecessary time handling hydrolyzed proteins and the body gets a quick release of essential amino acids like leucine in the body which speeds up muscle repair and muscle building.

Hydrolyzed protein saves the body a lot of time and energy which makes hydrolyzed proteins quite an effective protein for a variety of reasons.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Proteins:

  1. Greater Protein Use for Muscle Growth - Since hydrolyzed protein comes pre-digested, by the time it goes through the whole digestive system and finally reaches the liver it is almost completely digested, which prevents the liver from distributing the released amino acids into other parts of the body and thus all the protein gets utilized solely in muscle building.
  2. Provides a Quick Burst of energy during workouts - Based on a study the benefits of hydrolyzed protein during workouts can be substantial. Another study by Tang and Moore showed that hydrolyzed protein enables greater muscle protein synthesis than other proteins. This is crucial to give you better and improved endurance for high resistance training and heavy lifting.
  1. Ideal for Post Workout Muscle RecoveryIt’s believed that an important advantage of hydrolyzed whey protein because it’s already partially digested, is that it takes less time to get digested in the body and then gets quickly absorbed by the body resulting in faster recovery especially for strenuous workout sessions and endurance training regimes. It replenishes the body’s energy by helping in producing glycogen.
  1. Helps people with sensitivities and Intolerances - During the refining process of whey, we get Hydrolyzed whey protein at the last step when fats, lactose, and every other impurity gets completely removed. This is why hydrolyzed whey is the best protein source for people who can’t have lactose and other intolerances.
  1. Helps in Weight Management - A lesser-known benefit of hydrolyzed protein is that it provides the body with a feeling of satiety that puts a stop to excessive munching. Because of its high, protein-rich composition not only does it help in building muscle, but reducing excessive fat as well thereby helping in weight loss.

One can only extract all the benefits from a supplement when it’s sourced authentically and prepared naturally ticking all boxes as far as highest standards are concerned. MuscleMonk INTENSE HYDRO MEC (Multi-Enzyme Complex) is a Hydrolyzed Whey Protein that fits that description. It’s power-packed with so many benefits that are best experienced first hand after consumption. Some of the many features of MuscleMonk HYDRO MEC are: -

  • Rapid and Fast AbsorptionThe pre-digested formula gets quickly digested by the digestive system and releases essential amino acids quickly without the body having to expend much energy.
  • Helps in Building Strong & Lean MusclesThe quick absorption of amino acids goes directly on gaining muscle and thus you get quicker and stronger muscle gains.
  • Faster Muscle Recovery – Because of its specialized formula, Intense Hydro MEC provides your muscles the much-needed recovery in a short time interval so that you get ready for your next workout with full energy.
  • Reduces BloatingThe added digestive enzymes help alleviate some gut conditions like bloating and gas related problems. It also improves the digestion of people with slow digestion.
  • Enriched with BCAA’s & EAA’s – It has an ample percentage of vital BCAA’s & EAA’s. It has 6.23g BCAA’s and 13.65G EAA’s per serving. These essential amino acids are the fundamental components of muscle building. 
  • 100% Sugar-free and Gluten-Free– Every ounce of Intense Hydro Mec is purely hydrolyzed whey protein and it has no harmful additives like sugar and gluten.