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Why You Should Take Musclemonk Carbs Intense?

Thu, Feb 25, 2021

In recent times there has been a sizeable increase in the number of fitness and diet experts passionately promoting low carb or no carb diets for better muscle gains. Going by the basic physiological and nutritional sciences, these claims seem half-baked if not entirely wrong.

Protein and protein-rich supplements are what directly help us get those heavy muscle gains, but the often skipped pre-requisite in this is that proteins can only help in muscle building if your carb reserves are well stocked. In other words, reduce your healthy carb intake and you reduce the efficacy of the bulk of protein you keep on loading. 

Carbs not only are the first source of energy in the body but also, directly and indirectly, allow you to get the most from your resistance training and heavy lifting workouts. Glycogen – one of the most important carb stays stored in the skeletal muscle only to be released during muscle exercise. Depletion in the quantity of glycogen adversely affects muscle gaining and muscle repairing in the long run.

While Simple carbs come to your aid when you’re running short of time and need a quick spike of energy, complex carbs (healthy carbs) digest slowly and give consistent, long-lasting energy. That’s why consuming carbs pre and post workouts should be a no brainer in order to not just help get the most out of your proteins, but also to increase your energy threshold for pushing the limit in the gym.

MuscleMonk CARBS INTENSE is designed to keep these important Carb needs in mind. The world we live in and the life we lead doesn’t always allow us to take all essential nutrients from one source but worry not, MuscleMonk CARBS INTENSE is the most natural form of healthy carbs you’ll ever find that’s made to cover and fulfill all your carb needs in order to help you get the greatest muscle gains you see yourself having one day.

MuscleMonk CARBS INTENSE is a high-quality blend that fuels your muscles the right way and enables you to stay for longer periods in your workouts. It is procured and made with pristine and premium quality Carbohydrates. Carbs are the most important source for fueling muscles through glycogen in the skeletal muscle to power up your workouts. It’s designed with the right kind of healthy carbs with zero fat to help Athletes, Sportsperson and people with high physical activity who need more healthy calories from carbs for instant energy.

MuscleMonk CARBS INTENSE help you:

  • Get High Energy Levels Instantly The special, healthy carbs after being consumed goes into your body and is broken down into glucose. Glucose makes your energy levels spike up significantly, which not only energizes you but also gives you much-needed power to perform athletic activities or high resistance, intense workouts. It not only provides you a quicker shot of energy, but also builds your energy for longer, sustained periods of time.
  • Optimum Performance– Glycogen produced by the Carbs Intense in your body helps you in carrying out not just all your day-to-day tasks, but heavy lifting, strength building and professional athletic performances without overwhelming you or without causing any fatigue. Being able to expend more time and effort in the gym by taking Carbs Intense helps you perform at your optimum level. 
  • Easy Digestion and Quick Absorption – Made from pure carbs, Carbs Intense gets effortlessly digested in the body in no time and starts getting absorbed by the body to give instant results. It helps in fueling up the body throughout the day.
  • Prevents Muscle Breakdown– Using Carbs Intense you help your body maintain healthy reserves of useful carbs that have a possibility of reducing considerably due to high athletic activities or power-packed heavy lifting. To ensure that your proteins are fully going into your muscle repairing and building to prevent muscle breakdown you need to keep your carbs in check.

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