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Why Your Fitness Diet Must Include Probiotic

Wed, Feb 03, 2021

First thing first, what are probiotics?

Our bodies rely on good bacteria to carry out a many essential processes in the body. They help in synthesizing fiber and also in the production of several Vitamins.  These good, essential bacteria predominantly reside in our gut or our GI tract. 

Probiotics is a simulated mixture of various, active microorganisms (live culture) that increases the overall quantity of good bacteria in the gut, thus help in vital tasks such as absorption of amino acids and other nutrients while also boosting immunity.

The need for Probiotic –Modern day physical and mental stress has degraded the natural concentration of good bacteria in our gut, which has caused all sorts of health problems.

For athletes, fitness enthusiasts and sports professionals, the extra training strain, intense exertion resulting in mental and physical fatigue, improper sleep, environmental changes, and imbalanced gut microbiome, all play their part in causing acid reflux, abdominal cramping, respiratory tract infections, and gastrointestinal problems.

Probiotics are said to prevent and reduce these conditions by improving the body’s overall immune health. Probiotics also have been observed to improve exercise ability and muscle recovery. By enhancing body’s natural defense, especially against upper respiratory tract infection, probiotics are believed to help athletes and sports professionals greatly.


 Probiotic possibly helps Athletes and Sports professional in:

  1. Increasing muscle weight – A study by the National Taiwan Sport University observed that 40 days of supplementation of a certain mix of probiotics helped in increasing the muscle weight in the body.
  1. Losing weight – The study also reported that giving athletes the mix of probiotics for 40 days significantly decreased their excess fat content and reduced body weight.
  1. Increasing Endurance and Performance– Recent studies have shown that including probiotics in your diet can potentially increase endurance prolonged workout sessions. It also helps with the body’s ability to handle physical and mental stress, which in turn enhances performance.
  1. Reduces inflammation caused due to exercise – Probiotics may potentially decrease inflammation in the body by balancing the bacteria in the gut. In some studies, it’s observed that consuming probiotics helped alleviate respiratory tract infections in athletes.

 Effects of Probiotic Supplements on the health of athletes

In the last decade or so, there’s a surge in research studies, which aim to establish a relation between probiotics and whether they enhance and improve athletes’ and sports professional’s overall health.

 Moderately it’s found that probiotics improve athletes’ immunity by safeguarding their defenses against many problems, particularly respiratory infections like the common cold and also digestive issues such as bloating, diarrhea and cramping.

Our gut is home to more than 70% of our immune system that alone shows the importance of keeping gut health in perfect condition and probiotics facilitates just that which helps to prevent and mitigating health complications that athletes and sports professionals face.

MuscleMonk has come with a unique and first in its league Sports Probiotic supplement that provides you with the right and essential live microorganisms to ensure that your gut stays optimally healthy.

MuscleMonk SPORTS PROBIOTIC enables you to have:

  • Better, Stronger and Healthier digestion – MuscleMonk Sports Probiotics boosts metabolism, reduces bloating and puffiness by getting rid of undigested protein.
  • Enhanced Muscle Growth– It helps in passing 30% more nutrients through your gut by triggering a burst of amino acids into your muscles. The more you absorb amino acids from your diet the greater and better your muscles will grow.
  • Weight Loss – MuscleMonk Sports Probiotics helps you maintain a healthy muscle weight by increasing the concentration of good bacteria in your gut, which makes it ideal for weight management because you’re only gaining healthy muscular weight and losing excess fat.
  • Enhanced Hormone Production MuscleMonk Sports Probiotics may possibly help to keep testosterone levels higher and cortisol levels lower, which boosts your workout performances with faster muscle growth.

All in all, it’s crucial to know that without you, extracting the maximum amount of nutrients from everything you, consume you can’t have real results be it the lean muscular gains or preparing yourself for a particular training setup. Probiotics help you in expediting the digestion and absorption of amino acids and nutrients in your body, which is vital for results to show.