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5 Reasons Why Biotin Is Effective In Hair Loss Treatment

Wed, May 19, 2021

Biotin is a well-known vitamin that is water soluble and is a part of the family of B vitamins. It is also called as Vitamin H or Vitamin B7. If you are not getting sufficient quantities of Biotin, you may witness issues like scaly red rashes, hair loss and so on. Biotin contained in our daily dietary regime is mostly sufficient for garnering greater health benefits alongside.

Here are the top reasons why Biotin may be effective for hair loss treatments or for stimulating hair growth.

  1. Biotin is required by the body for the conversion of specific nutrients into energy. It plays a crucial role in ensuring better health of your skin, hair and nails alike.
  2. Keratin is one of the most basic proteins that comprise the skin, hair and nails. It is quite apparent that Biotin helps in the improvement of the overall Keratin infrastructure of the body as per reports.
  3. Biotin also increases the overall rate of growth for hair follicles as per several reports. It is not stored for a long time in the body and a majority comes from the food items which people consume themselves.
  4. Biotin is also a major vitamin or essential vitamin, i.e. our bodies require this micronutrient for functioning suitably. It goes without saying that the Biotin consumed will automatically help turn food that we eat into energy. This also plays a vital role in combating hair loss and stimulating hair growth as per several experts.
  5. Biotin may help in combating alopecia or the medical term related to hair loss in women and men. Biotin may also help with inflammation while also improving the growth of hair while benefiting the nails, skin and hair follicles alike.

    Biotin will also help in combating various other issues including diabetic nerve pain, diabetes, brittle toenails or fingernails, muscular sclerosis and others. Biotin works to arrest hair loss when you have deficiencies in the same. Deficiencies in Biotin are rare scenarios and may not always be primary reasons behind hair loss. Reports observe that 1 in approximately 140,000 people have biotinidase deficiencies. Symptoms of such deficiencies will cover scaly and red skin around the nose, eyes, genitals and mouth. Other such symptoms include lethargy, seizures, numb feet and hands, depression and hallucinations. Brittle nails that crack easily are also amongst these symptoms. Deficiency in Biotin may also lead to low appetite.

    The positive aspect is that Biotin does not have any toxic properties and this means that negative impacts are not there in body organs due to consuming supplements. Biotin is contained in several food items including fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, broccoli, sweet potatoes and cauliflower. The consumption of Biotin may vary depending on age. The people of the age of 10 or higher should consume 30-100 mcg each day. Children and infants should consume 10-20 mcg (from birth till 3 years of age) while those between 4-6 years should consume 25 mcg and those between 7-10 years should consume 30 mcg.

    Higher Biotin may be needed for people who are breastfeeding or pregnant. You should always consult your medical practitioner for more guidance in this regard. You should work out the dosage accordingly. You can fulfill this deficiency with the right supplements or even through your daily dietary regime.