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5 Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Wed, Feb 10, 2021

Fast-tracking muscle recovery is a must for athletes, body builders, sports personalities and people into active workouts and weightlifting. Muscle building is crucial but suitable recovery is even more important for properly packing on muscle and gaining mass. Recovery time should be backed up with suitable nutrition that ensures a mixture of all the vital protein, vitamins and minerals which are needed by the body. Here are five ways which may help in speeding up muscle recovery in the right manner.

Top ways to boost muscle recovery:

  • Getting ample rest- Whenever there is muscle pain or fatigue, it may be exacerbated further if you do not get proper sleep at night. Get the right mattress and bedding for sound sleep at night. Make sure that you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night for muscle recovery, development and proper immunity along with better health and wellness.
  • Consuming enough protein- Muscle tears may occur when you are working out. For enabling your body to repair and combat the same, you will need protein consumption in the right amount. You can consider protein supplements, shakes and other dietary items which contain protein in requisite amounts. If you are consuming protein suitably, then your muscle development and recovery program will stay unhindered.
  • Drinking water- Water is an indispensable component of muscle recovery. You should stay properly hydrated, not just while working out but for the remainder of your day as well. Water will fast-track muscle recovery by enabling proper digestion of all nutrients by your body post workout. This will help in repairing muscles swiftly while keeping dehydration at bay. Dehydration can otherwise impact muscles, leading to pain and cramping.
  • Warming Up & Cooling Down- Warming up before the workout is very essential. Do some low impact stretching before fully immersing yourself in your muscle building workout. This will prepare your body properly while increasing blood flow and helping combat post-workout soreness as well. You should also cool down properly after the workout which helps in clearing lactic acid while regulating overall blood circulation simultaneously. Not cooling down properly will lead to light-headedness and feelings of sickness.
  • Using suitable workout supplements- You can use proper workout supplements for aiding muscle recovery. Several athletes and trainers rely on BCAAs or branch-chain amino acids. Studies have shown that those consuming BCAAs prior to their workouts witnessed lower soreness levels afterward along with shorter timelines for muscle recovery. For those adhering to a healthier diet plan, usage of supplements may not always have any visible impact. This is because BCAAs are contained in whole food items including yoghurt, eggs, tuna and milk among others. Do your homework on the right supplements and consult your trainer for more guidance.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you combat muscle soreness, fatigue and any other side effects of intense and strenuous workouts while speeding up muscle recovery at the same time. The importance of following a good muscle recovery plan cannot be underestimated.

Suitable recovery will make a world of difference to your muscle-building regime. Also make sure that you consume a well-balanced diet which is not just rich in protein, but also contains all other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Sleep/rest, water, food, supplements and warming-up or cooling down are key steps that you should follow without any deviations. Make sure that you do not over train and stick to a practical workout regime that is convenient to handle.