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Combating Daily Fatigue- 7 Ways You Can Do It

Fri, Feb 05, 2021

Feeling tired or fatigued is a common affair for people living out busy and hectic lives these days. It is often natural for people to perennially feel drained and fatigued owing to their bevy of professional and work commitments, fast-paced schedules, traveling, household duties, social commitments and what not. Many a time, you may want to simply get away from it all and give your brain and body the rest and recovery that it deserves. Sadly, this may not always be possible and hence, while you’re jumping from one task to another, you need to adopt strategic steps to combat fatigue and tiredness.

Here are some ways and means that you should consider for fighting lethargy and soothing your mind.

7 methods to fight fatigue- A handy guide:

  1. Proper hydration- Staying hydrated continually is a must for staying alert and keeping tiredness away. You should know that dehydration drains massive energy from the body while impacting overall performance at the workplace too. Dehydration naturally leads to sizable fatigue and you should thus consume a minimum of 4 litres of water or more each day without fail.
  2. Protein consumption- Eating balanced meals is very important for enhancing overall energy levels while also streamlining consumption of carbohydrates at the same time. The higher carbohydrates that you consume daily, particularly in the morning, the higher your glucose production in the body. This may lead to increased sugar levels which cause frequent tiredness and lethargy alike. You should balance your diet with proper protein content. Consume a breakfast that is rich in protein and integrate a minimum of 80% protein into your regular dietary regime.
  3. Take breaks from the computer screen- Sitting and working in front of a computer screen for multiple hours may lead to mental fatigue and tiredness more than anything else. Make sure that you take screen breaks frequently or at least once every hour. Have an hour which is completely free from screens prior to winding down for bed if possible.
  4. Consuming a greener diet- Make sure to include more leafy and green vegetables into your daily dietary plan. Your daily meals will have a major impact on your energy levels and overall health throughout each day. Consume ample quantities of green peas, spinach and broccoli amongst other leafy green vegetables. This will ramp up your energy levels greatly to say the least!
  5. Keep moving throughout the day- Any form of exercise or movement is vital to say the least. You should try yoga which helps you clear the mind and concentrate better, while physically rejuvenating the body and replenishing energy at the same time. Yoga will help you tone your body while increasing mental alertness too.
  6. Stretching it right- You should endeavor to stretch at least once every morning. This will reduce tension while improving blood flow hugely. You should also stretch in the middle of a hectic work day if you can. Make sure that you stretch your shoulder and back properly.
  7. Sleep right- It goes without saying that getting proper sleep will naturally combat fatigue every morning. Daytime fatigue is mostly caused due to improper sleeping patterns and lack of adequate sleep. This leads to insomnia and sleeplessness in several people today. You should sip something comforting before going to bed, turn off the television or other screens well in advance and relax your mind. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep will help boost overall energy and concentration greatly.

Follow the above mentioned tips for keeping fatigue and tiredness successfully at bay!