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Muscle Monk India is a brand of Fermentis Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. - a company entrenched in the notion of creating world class nutritional supplements and wellness products for the Indian genotype. The brain behind this whole concept is Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt, an accomplished and awarded Indian scientist, who has deep expertise in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. With his years of research and a heartfelt urge to provide Indian consumers a genuine solution for their nutritional needs, he has launched MUSCLE MONK range of Elite nutritional supplements.

Muscle Monk, offers a great range of high-quality products under four distinct series: Performance, Essentials, Wellness and Specialty that cover - Proteins, Amino-Acids, Weight gainers, Probiotics and many other health and wellness benefiting supplements which cover gluten free products as well.



Having our Own, in-house R&D & Manufacturing

We’ve created an innovative product pipeline backed with advanced research and development, where we use different systems of biotechnologies like Nano technology, fermentation technology and nutraceutical extraction technology to give birth to the best and purest nutritional supplements for optimum results. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and sophisticated testing measures have resulted in ensuring that each Muscle Monk product rings true to the promise of Purity, Potency and Perfection.


Transparent Ingredient Sourcing

MuscleMonk Elite Nutrition products are manufactured with premium quality raw materials imported from various countries like USA, Ireland, Germany and others. The raw materials then go through a myriad of quality tests before they’re marked fit for the next step to ensure flawless, 100% authenticity. Such a multi-level, rigorous process eliminates the presence of any alien, harmful substances in the product, which is of utmost importance in delivering premium nutrition products to Indian fitness and sports enthusiasts as well as world class professional athletes and sportspersons.


Registered, Certified and Approved by the world’s best Agencies

Our manufacturing facility one of the very few in India which is US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) registered. Our plant is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, ISO 9001:2015 certified and HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point) accredited. All our products are free from banned substances as per WADA/NADA to assure discerning consumers about the best quality and international product standards.

Through the MuscleMonk range of nutritional supplements, ourendeavoris to offer top-quality, premium nutritional products which offer great value for money to the Indian consumer that can genuinely help them achieve their fitness goals and nutritional requirements. At Muscle Monk, we ensure at every step of the way that you receive the most effective, beneficial and genuine product possible.


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