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MuscleMonk is a brand offering pure, safe and high-quality nutritional supplements tailor made for the Indian genotype. We are one of the few to have our own FDA registered manufacturing facility. We conform to global regulations, ensuring that our products are pure and free from banned substances. Our ingredients are imported from several global suppliers and stringently quality tested to ensure optimum results and better health for our users.

MuscleMonk products are exclusively tailored to meet the needs of Indian athletes, bodybuilders and gym-goers alike. We reach out to gym owners, trainers, sports coaches and industry professionals for forging fulfilling partnerships. You can learn more about the specifics by contacting us and filling out the interest form. Gain from our marketing and technology expertise driven by global thought leaders in the space. And that’s not all; there are numerous rewards in store as you embark on a fulfilling journey with MuscleMonk. Partnering with us will help you learn and grow your business while providing the finest nutritional supplements and products to your clientele. Here’s to pure, safe and healthy nutrition and rewarding partnerships in return!

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Trainers or Gym Owners

As a gym owner or trainer, you will naturally seek the best nutritional solutions and supplements for your clients. How about getting the safest, purest and healthiest nutritional supplements conforming to global manufacturing standards? How about marketing and technological expertise coupled with impeccable accreditations? How about global thought leadership, insights and fruitful business growth and rewards? The MuscleMonk Partnership Program promises all this and even more! Learn more about the benefits of partnering with us by filling out the form and reaching out! You won’t have to worry about prescribing the safest and best product to your clients ever again!

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Sports Coaches

Being a sports coach is not easy; meeting the performance, fitness and nutrition goals of your athletes/sportspersons is a challenging task. Join the MuscleMonk Partnership Program today. Contact us and fill out the form to know more! We offer a rewarding partnership with mutual growth and the safest and healthiest nutritional supplements. Our products conform to global manufacturing standards while we assist you with technological and marketing expertise. These are only some of the advantages of partnering with us. Rest assured, you will be using the finest supplements for your clients, complete with the best accreditation and credentials.

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