How To Use?

Take one scoop (approx. 33grams) of Whey Intense Gold

Mix it with 200ml of chilled water in a shaker or blender

Shake it well (10-12 shake) & enjoy the drink

When to use

During Workout

To Improve Muscle Recovery and lean muscle mass during your high intensity workout


To Improves post workout Muscle Recovery and lean muscle mass building


A healthy low calories protein snack which satisfies your instant hunger while you are working

Ideal For
Health-Conscious People
Body builders
Sports Person
College Students
Key Benefits
Muscle recovery

Scientifically designed whey isolate protein formulation for quick muscle recovery with your high intensity workout for progressive stamina and muscle building

Build Lean Muscle

ISO Intense MEC consumed Along with high intensity workout promotes muscle protein synthesis, thus helping in growth of lean muscle mass.

Maintain Muscle

Daily consumption of Whey Gold Intense Helps in increasing growth hormones in body,
which helps to maintain more muscle mass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helps With Faster Recovery
Scitron Advance Whey Protein 

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