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Muscle Monk is passionate to create supplements with path breaking formulation which also offers 100% assured safety of products, international grade ingredients, impeccable taste and all of this at an affordable price range as well. With our in-house manufacturing facility and novel investment in state-of-the-art production facilities and sophisticated testing measures has resulted in delivering products with a promise of authenticity, purity and surety of highest standards to become your trusted fitness partner in all your workout regimens.


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MuscleMonk- 100% Authentic Elite Sports Nutrition for the Indian Genotype

MuscleMonk offers 100% authentic and genuine sports nutrition for elite athletes and bodybuilders. We have an FDA registered manufacturing plant along with sizable expertise in manufacturing the purest high-quality products for optimum results. From protein supplements to other weight loss supplements, we have a diverse lineup in store for you.

Whey Protein-Whey is regarded as the most effective protein elements, containing most of the vital amino acids required for the body. It enables weight loss and reduces cholesterol.
Isolate Protein- Our isolate protein supplements will help you lose weight and get toned without any hassles.
Pre-Workout- We have a variety of workout supplements that you can take before your workout. These help you gain more energy and perform better while working out.
Weight Gainer- If you are finding it hard to gain weight and lean muscle mass from your daily diet, our weight gainer products are the best solutions in this regard.

MuscleMonk Protein Supplements- Specially Formulated for Indian Genotype

Protein supplements are considered suitable for meeting your dietary requirements and building muscle at the same time. At MuscleMonk, we provide exclusively formulated protein products which are ideal for the Indian genotype. These perform various functions, right from helping you build muscle and gain weight to losing weight and gaining more energy.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

Muscle-Building- Our Whey Protein supplements offer vital amino acids for the system while helping you build more muscle. You also get toned and lower cholesterol levels greatly.
Weight-Loss- Nothing works better than our weight loss supplements including isolate protein products. They help you get ripped and lose that extra lard without any worries.
Energy & Performance- Perform better with double energy during your workout or sports sessions. Our pre-workout supplements do the job immaculately in this regard.
Gain Weight & Muscle- Finding it tough to pack on weight and bulk up? We have dedicated weight gainer supplements that will help you muscle up and gain weight without relying solely on your daily diet.

MuscleMonk Protein Supplements

MuscleMonk offers 100% authentic and pure protein supplements for elite athletes and bodybuilders along with serious gym goers. You can expect serious muscle gains while fulfilling your fitness goals, losing weight, boosting energy levels, enhancing immunity and performing better simultaneously!

Here are some of the options worth trying:

MuscleMonk Whey Intense- Ensure better BCAA amino acid absorption while enhancing mass with the highest protein percentage in every scoop.
● As compared to other proteins it provides 25g of protein per serving.
● 5.64g naturally BCAAs, 11.34g of EAAs and over 4 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid in each serving.
● 100% sugar free & Gluten free
● It comes in delicious Creamy Vanilla and Royal Chocolate flavour.
MuscleMonk ISO Intense MEC®- Intense performance combines with muscle development, weight loss and lean protein.
● As compared to other proteins it provides 28g of protein per serving.
● 6.83g naturally BCAAs, 12.41g of EAAs.
● 100% sugar free & Gluten free with No Banned Substances.
● It comes in delicious Creamy Vanilla and Royal Chocolate flavour.
MuscleMonk BCAAs- Build lean body mass with the unique formulation of three vital amino acids.
● It is formulated for calorie-conscious as they contain zero sugar.
● Activate protein synthesis and reduces catabolic muscle breakdown.
● It gets easily mixed in the cold water or juice.
● It comes in different flavours such as Watermelon, Mango, Guava, Lemon, and more.
● 100% sugar free & Gluten free.
MuscleMonk Pre-Workout- Boost energy and performance levels by consuming our supplements before your workout.
● Creatine boosts water content of muscle cells which may promote muscle growth.
● Combination of L-citrulline and L-arginine improves the nitric oxide levels.
● MuscleMonk Pre-workout is loaded with muscle recovery ingredients BCAAs.
● It comes in different flavours.
● 100% sugar free & Gluten free
Intense Gainer- Gaining mass is now easier with our specially tailored supplement. Build muscle and bulk up in style.
● This highest quality gainer delivers a massive 677 calories per serving and protein with quickly digested carbohydrates to support muscle mass.
● MuscleMonk Intense Gainer provides healthy fats, fibre, complex carbs, and vitamins to ensure your body has what it needs to grow.
● MuscleMonk Intense Gainer provides 710 kcal, 41.8 grams of protein and 120.3 grams of carbohydrates per serving, and only 1.14 grams of fat.
● 100% sugar free & Gluten free
MuscleMonk Carbs Intense- Feast on the right nutrition and carbs for performing better and enhancing your workout sessions.
MuscleMonk Electrolyte Intense- Recover, rehydrate and perform better during workouts, sporting sessions and more.
MuscleMonk Whey Gold- Infuse vital amino acids into the body while building muscle to last and lowering cholesterol.
MuscleMonk Probella Women’s Protein- Women can now benefit from enhanced energy, lean body mass and workout energy courtesy our specially formulated products.

MuscleMonk Wellness Series

Wellness is taken seriously by us here at MuscleMonk. We promise the choicest lineup of wellness and health products for those serious about living a better life. Find everything you need including Ginseng, Testo Gold TGC, Safed Musli and Tribulus Terrestris among others. There are specialized products for meeting dietary and health needs such as Milk Thistle, Detox and Forskolin.

We also offer wellbeing with multi-layered and multi-faceted benefits to our customers. We harness the power of divine elements such as Curcumin, Ashwagandha and Garcinia among others. While these products keep you on course towards meeting your health and fitness goals, you can try our vast range of multi-vitamins and caffeine based supplements for meeting highly specific purposes and requirements. We adopt a holistic approach towards wellness, driven by research over several years and an emphasis on the purest and certified ingredients for maximum benefits. We believe that there are innumerable benefits contained in these magic elements that deserve to be tapped by the general public at large.

MuscleMonk Essentials Series

We have our own Essentials Series at MuscleMonk. These products are tailored to ensure optimum performance, development, muscle building and gains. Some of our products include Creatine Monohydrate which continually ensures supply of energy to your muscles while ensuring more energy for workouts and intense training. It also helps in boosting strength, protein synthesis and development of lean muscle mass. Strength, size, power and performance come to you in one irresistible package. You can try other sports probiotics products for optimum results in tandem with L-Arginine and CLA to name a few.

We also offer L-Carnitine, Beta-Alanine and other Probiotics worth considering for a healthier gut, better immunity, muscle mass and higher strength alike. Intense Burner helps you get ripped while building spectacular lean muscle mass while Omega-3 products ensure a healthier heart and lower cholesterol in turn. L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that you require for supporting better immunity, insulin secretion, gastrointestinal integrity and muscle protein synthesis. This ensures maintenance of proper nitrogen balance while combating breakdown and retaining a higher portion of muscle. Here’s to a lean, fit and happier You with our Essential Series of products.