Unlock The Power Of Nutrition

You expect more from your shopping, investments, friendships. Why not your food? Time to extract a little extra out of your daily diet and become more productive, everyday, with BillionCheers. As India’s premier Nutraceutical and Well Being brand (part of the Fermentis Life Sciences Pvt Ltd) that’s pioneering a new global culture of #HyperNutrition and #HyperWellness, we help you build smarter relationships with what you eat – so that you can live a richer, healthier and happier life.

Hit Your Health Potential

Build preventive immunity, tone up vitals and be at your sparkling best all day by supplementing and multiplying your nutrition with our probiotics, single herbs, health essentials, vitamins, nutrients, skin care, hair care and detoxifying antioxidant formulations that blend nature, tradition and science in novel new ways.

Nurturing Every Age And Stage Of Life

Good health habits must begin early so that they are able to lay down a strong foundation which complements the hustle of your active years and remain a rock of support when you enter your golden phase. In response to this critical requirement, we have thoughtfully designed and categorized our product range to address every need of every member of the family – be it bodily functions, immunity, preventive health, strength, beauty, stamina, longevity, diet or a sense of profound and lasting well-being.

The Quality Difference

Billion Cheers is synonymous with quality. Clinically proven ingredients from reliable sources, insight driven formulations and a panel of highly skilled professionals bring to life our line of high-value, premium offerings where each product stands out by dint of its unquestioned purity, unrivalled supremacy and unmatched effectiveness.

Trust Of Transparency

One reason behind our growing base of loyal nutrition enthusiasts and health aficionados is that with BillionCheers, what you see is always what you get. Right from the first stage till the time it reaches you, complete transparency is maintained at every step – be it sourcing, ingredients or processes. Curious about what goes into your favourite BillionCheers items? Just write in, and we will be happy to arrange a visit to our production premises where you can experience our best-in-class systems up-close, and talk at length with our friendly leadership and teams.

It All Happens Under Our Nose

Owning our manufacturing and research facilities In-House affords us full control over every little and large aspect of the value chain and eliminates the need to outsource which is a common industry practise, ensuring the highest standards of quality for every single product that rolls out of our belts.

Not Just Best In Class : Next In Class

State-of-the-art Labs equipped with ultra-modern systems, next-gen infrastructure and emerging technologies (many of which haven’t even hit the market) allow us to raise the bar of research and explore exciting new frontiers and possibilities in nutrition.

Individual Health Remains A Mirage If Our Planet Is Unwell

With most of our products inspired by the miracle of nature, we try to ‘give back’ as much as we feasibly can – for starters, by ensuring that our methodologies and processes are all gentle and ‘friendly’ for the environment. All our products are therefore 100% NON-GMO, fundamentally organic, completely natural, and created in compliance with the strictest benchmarks of climate protection and wildlife conservation.

rom India’s Next Bio-Tech Phenomenon

Billion Cheers is the brainchild of bio-technologist Dr. Prakash Bhat – a nutrition veteran honoured with countless accolades and recognition including the Best Young Scientist award from the Government of India. Dr. Bhat’s trailblazing research and innovations with Indian Ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese medicinal systems have changed the destiny of many, many people by raising their HQ (Health Quotient) and helping them lead more fulfilling and rewarding lives – simply by choosing wise and eating right.

Where Does the Name "Billion Cheers" Come From?

We believe Prevention is better than cure. we are building a culture of interventive nutrition with prevention-focused nutraceutical solutions. We’re doing this by combining nature, science & insight in intelligent ways to arrive at novel breakthroughs - for all age, gender or lifestyle.

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Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt Founder | MuscleMonk