How To Use?

Take one scoop (approx. 10 grams) of Monkster

Mix it with 200ml of chilled water in a shaker

Shake it well (10-12 shake) & enjoy the drink

When to use

During Workout

10 to 15 minutes before you begin your workout session.


For long exercises sessions it can be supplemented during workout.


One forth of scoop can consumed as energy drink as required

Ideal For
Health-Conscious People
Body builders
Sports Person
College Students
Key Benefits
Increased Energy

Increase energy rush in body helps your brains and mussels to support high intensity workout sessions.

Increased Focus

Added caffeine Improve focus on your workout to push yourself for those critical extra reps for muscle building.

Pure Pump

Added nitric oxide ingredients help to increase blood flow in veins so that each cell gets required energy and nutrition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helps With Faster Recovery

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