How To Use?

Take three scoops (approx. 182 grams) of W8

Mix it with 300ml of chilled water in a shaker or blender

Shake it well (10-12 shake) & enjoy the drink

When to use


1 scoop (60g) W8 help you to perform better during workout session


To Improves post workout muscle recovery and muscle mass building


A healthy meal in gaining period satisfies your instant hunger while working

Ideal For
Health-Conscious People
Body builders
Sports Person
College Students
Key Benefits
Mega Muscle Builder

A proven combination of proteins, carbs and complex carbs provide much required energy and protein to build those extra muscles mass

1:6 Protein Carb Ratio

MuscleMonk W8 Mass Gainer has approx. 1:6.3 protein to carb ratio & delivers 21.45g of protein & 136.39g of carbs and 3g of Creatine in one serving.

Tasty Nutrition:

Nutrition must be tasty that is MuscleMonk’s moto. With gourmet kulfi and chocolate flavour your fitness journey is going to be delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helps With Faster Recovery

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